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Hottest Couple pictures you can ever emergine in the world....

Hottest Couple Photos

Na wow ooo.....A Tanzanian actress ‘Wema Sepetu’ said she prefers a man that will beat her once in a while....

My man must beat me to show he loves me – Tanzanian actress

Popular Tanzania actress, Wema Sepetu, has disclosed that she prefers to be with a man who would beat her up once in a while.

According to a report sighted by on, beautiful Sepetu said she could not spend years with a man who would not beat her. She added that, at least, she must not be denied a slap by her husband

My man must beat me to show he truly loves me Popular Tanzania actress, Wema Sepetu, has disclosed that she prefers to be with a man who would beat her up once in a while.

A beautiful Sepetu said she could not spend years with a man who would not beat her. She added that, at least, she must not be denied a slap by her man. Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu was reported to have made this revelation in an interview with a Tanzanian newspaper, Ijumaa Wikienda, at the birthday celebration of her manager, Neema Ndepanya, in Salasala. She is quoted as saying: “Napenda mwanaume anipe kipigo kidogo siyo mwanaume mnaishi miaka yote, halafu hata kukupiga kofi kidogo hakupigi,” to wit: “I like a man who beats me up occasionally, not one I’d to spend several years without hitting me, even just a slap.” Her revelation may come as a surprise to many people, especially feminists, in this time and age where domestic violence is being preached against.

While some women are fleeing from their hostile marriages and others dying in silence because of constant physical abuses from their spouses, Wema has proven by her revelation that she is a different kind of woman. Meanwhile, a lot of actresses, including Nigeria’s Chika Ike, Ini Edo, Tonto Dike, have all been reported to have tasted domestic violence and ended their marriages as a result of violent.

Nigerian Tall Lady took to facebook to blab about her romantic and exciting night with Nollywood actor Mr Ibu

Nigerian lady narrates story of her one night stand with Nollywood actor
Mr Ibu.

ENTERTAINMENT  beautiful Nigerian lady has just taken to social media to accuse veteran Nollywood comic actor of extra marital affairs. She carefully narrate how she enjoyed her one night stand with John Okafor but also known as, Mr Ibu.

The girl was Identified as Igwe Gloria on Facebook, the pretty lady took to a Facebook group ‘No CHILLS in NAIJA’, she disclosed that the actor is gentle, cool and left her feeling on top of the world when they were done. Gloria further commented in Mr Ibu’s big belly saying she wasnt  bothered as far as she got the money she deserved at the end of the day.

However, the Facebook group is private but the post reads: “The level where I am now two years from now none of you guys will get there even in your next life. I finally had a one night stand with my Mr Ibu he is so cool, sweet and lovely. All celebrities have their own ways of having s*x, they don’t rush it like all this chewing gum guys we have here. He shift the pants gently, kiss you romantically and lastly insert it gently. OMG last night was WOW! I felt on top of the world. His pot belle no be here o but me I no send as far as money is involved.

However, the comic actor Mr Ibu is yet to speak on if he truly had something to do with this young lady. On Friday, September 14, she later changed her display picture on Facebook to a group picture of her and Mr Ibu.

See pix and her post below

Naija man will call this practice to see what it is, Nigerian men flee from gay practice, it evil please....

Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham

Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham: In May, the Arrow star filed for divorce from his husband after six months of marriage.

Two months later, the two reunited in Vancouver and then two flew back to Los Angeles. Both have been seen wearing their wedding rings lately.

"They aren't officially back together but they are trying to figure things out and headed in that direction," a source told E! News on Thursday. "They are spending time together and really want it to work out. They love and care about each other immensely and would love to find a way to make it work."

Thursday, 13 September 2018

How Shaku Shaku Dance go Viral

How Shaku Shaku Dance go viral

The new street dance ‘Shaku Shaku’ had turn most of nigerian guys upside down with it amazing  movement.

For Nigerian lovers of basketball, the new instalment of the gaming franchise NBA 2k19 should feel right at home.
As Nigeria's pop culture soars high, the guys at EA Sports have tapped into the green-white-green-wave.

Basketball players in 2K19 now have the option of doing the 'Shaku Shaku' as a celebration dance in the game. From the streets of Agege, 'Shaku Shaku' has now gone global and is no longer a Nigerian street dance.

How did a catchy dance move that originated from the slum of Agege captivate the world?

Shaku Shaku
This dance made its first entrance into the wave of Nigerian mainstream circa 2017 with the Nigerian Street Hop sound, propagated by Agege boys like Mr. Real, Slimcase, Obadice and Dammy Krane. While the dance became almost synonymous with Nigerian rapper, Olamide and his 2017 hit, ' Wo ', he did not create the routine.

Writing for Guardian Nigeria on January 27, 2018, veteran Nigerian journalist, Chiagoziem Onyekwena, described Shaku Shaku as “a dance performed by crossing your arms in front of each other and the wrists, widening your legs slightly and launching into a graceful half-gallop ” before highlighting similarities to Psy’s 2012 hit, ' Gangnam Style '.

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Onyekwena also noted that the dance had been bubbling under before launching in the mainstream around July 2017 and becoming viral later that year off acts like Idowest, Mr. Real, DJ Real, Slimcase, Zlatan Ibile, Cashwale, Reminisce and Obadice .
Finally, he attributed its home coming to Olamide’s show Olamide Live In Concert 4, also know as OLIC 4, where it was performed and celebrated by near 10,000 and I agree.

Asides being simultaneously celebrated with the South African Gwara Gwara dance, synonymous with their Gqom sound, it has uniquely permeated through western ranks, towards global acceptance.
A cursory look through Nigerian videos will bring the reality of how well Shaku Shaku is a true Nigerian phenomenon, accepted and celebrated. However, it has been aided. Success, aided by Nigeria at the fore front of the global affection for African culture

Alongside the ' Gwara Gwara ', Shaku Shaku has gone on wild global integration over the past 8 months. Stars like Paul Pogba and his French teammates » have danced these routines to near perfection at the World Cup.
Let’s be clear, Shaku Shaku is not the first Nigerian contemporary dance. ' Galala ', ' Swo ', ' Yahooze', ' Alanta ' or even ' Shoki ' are predecessors of Nigeria's latest dance craze. 'Shoki' and 'Yahooze' are Nigerian dances who have gotten international acclaim.
In 2015, US rap star Missy Elliott danced the 'Shoki' in her music video 'Where they from '. In 2008, way before Nigerian hit songs clogged the Internet, former US Secretary of State Colin Powell danced the 'Yahooze' alongside Olu Maintain .

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However, none of these dance steps have nothing on 'Shaku Sha2ku' in terms of global reach.

Nigerian music and culture have become increased subjects of global obsession. Our music, fashion styles and even our pidgin English have been borrowed by westerners and our artistes continue to enjoy western success in touring and recognition.
It only seems inevitable as asides K-pop, the various genres of African music were the only areas of music that the West had not put on blast.
Inevitably, Shaku Shaku looks to be reaping the benefits of the continued inquests or in some quarters, onslaught on Nigerian culture.
To some, it is sudden. To others, it seems an appropriation to refresh the stalling western dance music scene.

Whatever it is, Nigerian and the wider African culture have been getting some.

Cute Faces Of 2Day......see photos

Faces of 2Day

Emeka Eze
Happy Birthday Bro....

mrs Johnson Angela

Princess NaNat Ab

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Wizkid on his hood again this morning....

Wizkid on his hood again this morning

naija able superster Ayo Ibrahim Balogun popularly known as wizkid visited his hood today....

It was a great joy and happiness for the people in the street of Surulere as they welcome him as their own family.

see pictures below..